The Astron is a huge wreck of a freighter of 131 yards 120m length. The ship was scuttled just off the eastern coastline in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Literally, the ship was torn apart in two pieces so that the bow is placed in vertical direction above water and the stern is placed on the side under water. This is the special lure of the wreck for diving in 17.5 yards 16m depth.

The motor vessel ASTRON was a French-built oil tanker built in 1957 (formerly Esmeralda, then Bonnie), On the 7th of April, 1978 she was delivering corn to Cuba when she ran aground, in Punta Cana, and began to break up. The vessel was under Russian ownership at time of loss. The incident is also recorded for having spilled 7,330 barrels of bunker fuel according to the ESTC database. Other sources say ithe ASTRON was scuttled for the and then broke in two. The ASTRON was 127 metres long with a depth of 15 meters.

Built as the ESMERALDA by L´Atlantque, St Nazaire; Yard No L17; Launched 29/06/1957; Wrecked on 07/04/1978 in position N 18 32´ 33.60" / W 68 20´ 45,60"

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